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2011 Workshops

| 07/09/2011

Another photographer asked me recently “why are you doing workshops Rich, aren’t you busy enough or do you need the money?”. It got me thinking about when Cath & I started green in the photographic industry. We really had no idea what we were doing, but we were going for it! We must have wasted years stumbling through learning the craft, and many thousands of dollars learning the business. Yes we had a little help, and we did actively participate in AIPP events. but we really did have to find our own way.

We have personally mentored a few other photographers over the last few years, and I like to think we have given them a better start that thy might have otherwise got. This is why we do workshops. I won’t lie there is a great personal reward in helping others get to where they need to be with photography. Often our attendees are in another profession and want to pursue photography, or are students wanting a little more practical experience than they are offered at the Uni. In both cases they are hoping to enrich their lives by doing something they value and makes them happy. If we can help to reach their dreams, we feel we have made a difference in someones life. If we wanted to make money we would have 20 in the workshop… instead a small group of six or so really allows us to make a difference.

Thanks to the guys & gals who attended the workshop a couple of weeks ago, we had a great time! Also very special thanks to the Innisfail girls for being such stunning models. Don’t forget we will be doing a follow up night time lighting session very soon, as well as a print critique. Here are some of the shots we did on the day:

Tyler loves the 50mm 1.2:

Kat’s lovely model portrait:

Leigh’s super composition:

Dale’s shot on the GOMA ramp:

We will blog some of the shots from the family shoot very soon!


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