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Beth & Cameron

| 14/10/2010

Remember how windy the 4th of September was? The August winds late and with fury right? Cath & Ros were shooting a wedding on Stradbroke Island and Leigh and myself were on the Sunshine Coast with Beth & Cameron. The windiest day of the year and we were on the coastline… we love a challenge! Everything turned out great, thanks to the bridal party who were absolute champions on the day. It was cold, it was gale force winds, and they soldiered on as we went searching for a beach protected from the elements. On the way we found a beach not protected from the elements and it was more fun, so we took some shots there.

We ended up at the jetty near Pelican Waters and of course Beth’s veil landed in the water… quick as lightning the hero Cameron had his shoes off and was in the water chasing the veil downstream. As proof of his gallantry I have included a shot – Rich

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