Sarah & Adam

| 17/04/2012

Every-one has a job to do at Vivid apart from photography and image production. Tyler takes the bin out Tuesday night (if he remembers) and controls the engine room, Jessica keeps us all on an even course in admin, Cath dreams of a 5D mk3, and I blog (mostly). Why do I blog (mostly)? Top…Read more

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| 28/03/2012

Oh man I forgot my man Andrew Kwintowski. Runner up Wedding Photographer of the Year. I just spent 4 days and nights with this man in an RV in the canyons of Nevada, Idaho, and Nebraska (see my recent posts), and he deserves this award. Well done Andrew! All my traveling companions, thank you. Here…Read more

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2012 Queensland AIPP Professional Photography Awards


Without knowing all the results, we are excited to announce we have won another Gold Award this year at the annual AIPP State Awards. In addition, the boy wizard Tyler Alberti, in his first year entering as a full member of the AIPP, has won a Silver Distinction award with a fabulous B&W wedding image.…Read more

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US Trip 2012

| 16/03/2012

I recently traveled to the US for the fourth year in a row to attend WPPI. Well what is WPPI? About 16,000 photographers of all types, abilities, and from all over the world, converge to learn about the craft and business of wedding and portrait photography. The conference was great but this year I was…Read more

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Professional Portrait Photography


Professional photography seems to be a word applied to anyone who knows how to pick up a camera. Well I’m here to dispel that myth. If you are wondering why you should book a professional portrait photographer… read on: Ask anyone what the most important thing in life is… and the answer will be two…Read more

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Trip to the USA


I can’t believe it’s already a week since I got off that plane. Three nights in an RV with four other photographers. Two nights in Vegas. Five nights in NYC. A few nights on planes as well. What a trip! I was lucky enough to travel with four amazing photographers. Each with a different take…Read more

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Valentine’s Day Promotion – And the winner is….

| 27/02/2012

And our lucky winner is…. Stephanie Coghlan! Congratulations to Stephanie and her partner Luke who will be receiving a $1500 Couples Photography package. We also have two runners up – Amanda Ward and Rachael Ortlik for submitting some great responses to our love story competition, both will be receiving $300 Portrait Vouchers to put towards…Read more

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Allie & Heath’s Wonderful Album

| 11/02/2012

Last year we photographed the wedding of two very nice people down Currumbin way. They are Allie & Heath, their wedding photography was on the beach, and they experienced a natural exhibition like no other! Mother nature at her best. Here are a few of their wedding album page designs for you to enjoy…

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Ahh Melbourne!


You Melbourne photographers are blessed to have so much great architecture, I hope I never hear you complain about not having any photography locations. This shot of Prue & James was taken at the GPO on Burke St, but could be Turino (Turin) Italy.

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Two Lovers, One Future

| 03/02/2012

  Here is a little Friday afternoon fun with yet another tribute to pop culture. This time we are paying homage one of our favourite films Inception. This is another great shot taken by Rich on their recent trip down to Melbourne to photograph the lovely Prue + James. Check out Rich’s blog post here…Read more

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Melbourne Part 1 – Sophie & Sam

| 31/01/2012

Cath & I believe having your portrait taken by your wedding photographer before the actual wedding day is so valuable. Apart from having a beautiful set of images which capture our clients love and lifestyle, it’s a great way to get to know each other better, and for our clients to get an insight into…Read more

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Melbourne Part 2 – Prue & James

| 30/01/2012

Walking around Melbourne we found some awesome spots for photography. The place is teeming with possibilities. We dragged Prue & James through dank and dirty alleyways (how romantic!), Italianesque (my word) gallerias, and rundown historic buildings. We discovered a lot about this attractive couple as we went from location to location. One thing is for…Read more

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Melbourne Part 3 – Caroline & Anthony

| 29/01/2012

In the heat of a very hot Melbourne afternoon, about 36 degrees, we met up with Caroline and Anthony at a lovely park called Edinburgh Gardens, not far from where they live. After some shots in an historic old grandstand, once the home of the Fitzroy Lions, we headed to the Carlton Gardens. The Exhibition…Read more

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Circle of Life Story – Daniel & Annaliese

| 20/01/2012

The team at Vivid are all back on deck after a wonderful break. During our holidays Cath & I and the monkeys had some awesome pizza in a great little joint in Bellingen, near Coffs Harbour, called Little Red Kitchen. If you are down that way go there… it’s very cool. Whilst chowing down, I…Read more

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Amanda & Murray

| 21/11/2011

The Gods were smiling on Amanda & Murray on Saturday as it was a glorious sunny day on the Gold Coast Here is one shot… more to come…

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