Carly & Elvis

| 18/11/2012

It’s generally understood rain on your wedding day is good luck, but not what we really want right? Except last weekend. Carly & Elvis were married at Midjimbil Hill, nestled between the world heritage listed Mt Warning and Nightcap National Parks. I’m sure they imagined a gloriously sunny day, but instead got something even…Read more

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For the love of the job…

| 11/10/2012

Sometimes as wedding photographers, we do whatever it takes to get the shot… In this case it involved leaning precariously against a rickety flag poll… from on top of a rickety fence! Thanks to Ian Wilkinson for taking this great shot of me. Tyler PS. Heres a close up of some passers by from the…Read more

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Scott’s Buck’s Party

| 27/09/2012

At risk of jeopardizing the wedding, here are some photos from Scott’s Star Wars themed bucks party on the weekend. Looks like Scott had a little bit too much to drink… At least in his dreams he will always be Trudie’s hero.      

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Kat & Bo

| 25/09/2012

Now this is what I call commitment. Kat & Bo had as good a bridal party as any we have worked with. When I see this level of commitment, I know I have someone to call when I need a veil tossed like a pro!

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Nicole + Greg

| 24/09/2012

One of my favourite moments from Nicole + Greg’s wedding over the weekend – Tyler  

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A day at the Ekka!

| 19/09/2012

Trudy & Scott have been extremely busy with their wedding preparations. They needed a break so took some time off to go to the Ekka and have the afternoon off.  

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Choosing a Wedding Ring

| 07/09/2012

Last night Trudy & Scott headed down to the local jewellery store to choose their wedding rings… I think Scott just got told the price.

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Meet Trudy & Scott

| 03/09/2012

Many who know me know I am a huge fan of Lego. So on the 50th anniversary of Lego in Australia, let me say how excited we are to be chosen as the photographers for the wedding of Trudy & Scott from Legoland. Yes out of all the talented photographers in Queensland, hipsters Trudy &…Read more

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Sarah & Ben

| 27/08/2012

Here is a sneak peak of a few of the pages created for Sarah & Ben from their beautiful wedding album.      

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Portrait Books

| 23/08/2012

We have been producing some absolutely gorgeous portrait books lately. Our books are printed on fine art paper, feature stiff board pages for supreme archival longevity, and are bound by hand by our extremely talented and experienced bookbinder. This is why we can give them a lifetime gaurentee. Here are some lovely pages from the…Read more

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Kim & Matt

| 31/07/2012

After traveling around the romantic cities of Europe, Kim & Matt returned home to Australia, for Matt to propose to Kim on the Manly headland in Sydney. Now I imagine Matt may have copped a bit of flack for his timing, but I think he made the right decision. I mean why propose in Paris…Read more

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Steph & Luke

| 30/07/2012

A la Mode. Fashionable. Served with Ice Cream. Cath has been photographing stylised imagery for singles and couples for the last couple of years under our a la mode banner. The images are stunning but not always suitable for blogging. Stephanie and Luke are a recent shoot, and we have a couple of images we…Read more

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| 27/07/2012

I remember having a textural conversation with Mr Todd Hunter McGaw earlier in the year about how one stands out in the crowd with a Nikon D3s (yes even today when everyone has a DSLR). Recently Cath & I walked the streets of Naples with our full kits, and were followed by some unsavory characters.…Read more

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