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Bondareva Family

| 17/02/2015

The connection between Mother and Daughter is wonderful, especially between Olga & Victoria. The apple certainly did not fall far from the tree, just simply look at these images of two beautiful girls to know they are the spitting image of each other and reflect a similar spirit. During the photo shoot, I felt a particular connection to the strong bond shard between a single mum and only child as I too grew up in a solo household without siblings. I know how dear the love is for a mother and daughter with this connection and there is something very strong and binding that is hard to explain in words, however is expressed through these images – Clare

Here are some of the words Olga chose to compliment the beautiful images of Victoria in the stunning book we are creating for them:

“My angel, my dearest daughter, let people treasure you always, hold head up high and believe in yourself, just watching you smile makes me realize how beautiful my life is. I love you.

You are a special one to me Victoria Rose  – A little munchkin, sweet heart, my precious – always and forever. You may outgrow my lap, but you will never outgrow my heart.”

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