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Brisbane Portrait – Collins/Walsh Family – Shorncliffe Beach

| 03/12/2014
Shorncliffe Family Portrait

Jody & Tina are sisters and when you meet them you can tell straight away! Not only do they look the splitting image of each other, they have the same infectious smile and laugh. You can see the family resemblance carried through into their children. Jody & Rhys have 5 kids and Tina has 4, making a great team of 9 cousins!

Jody was the winner of our Father’s Day Competition as we were touched by what she wrote:

Why my Dad is the best Dad in Brisbane: My husband is one of the many awesome Dad’s in Brisbane. After a long day at work he can still get the 4 & 5 year old’s giggling madly over his ‘Sock puppet antics’ and the teenagers love his words of encouragement beside the basketball court or on an assignment. I love that they see him kiss and hug me at every good-bye and hello. I call him my Prince on a white horse when I need rescuing, an inspiring role model for the children to grow into or find a partner with similar qualities. Yep we are blessed!

Just weeks before we announced the winner of the father’s day competition Jody’s sister Tina enquired with us about having a portrait shoot with all the cousins – a fantastic present for their Mum of all the grand children. We did not realise the connection at the time however after drawing the winner both sisters were incredibly excited and Tina made the plans to travel with her family down from Chinchilla for the big photo shoot at one of their favourite family hang outs – Shorncliffe Beach.

I was so impressed with the thought and planning the sisters put into the photo shoot, even coordinating balloons to compliment the kids clothing – not to mention how fantastic the kids were on the day. From a professional photographer’s perspective photographing nine kids can by no means be an easy shoot… however these kids were all stars!

– Clare



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