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Carly & Elvis

| 18/11/2012

It’s generally understood rain on your wedding day is good luck, but not what we really want right? Except last weekend.

Carly & Elvis were married at Midjimbil Hill www.midginbilhill.com.au, nestled between the world heritage listed Mt Warning and Nightcap National Parks. I’m sure they imagined a gloriously sunny day, but instead got something even better I think. The ceremony was forced inside, but still in an open sided timber shed, which allowed the guests both a view of the ceremony, as well as the awesome Clarry Hall Dam. Not a bad ceremony location on any day.

After the ceremony though it really started to bucket down. I looked down at the dam and it looked beautiful, and I thought… we are going to get wet. All of us. And we did. I mean drenched!!

The bridal party were amazing! They stood in the driving rain, with and without umbrellas, with a smile on their faces. To prove it was all worth it Guys, here is one shot from the Jetty.

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