Scott’s Buck’s Party

| 27/09/2012

At risk of jeopardizing the wedding, here are some photos from Scott’s Star Wars themed bucks party on the weekend. Looks like Scott had a little bit too much to drink… At least in his dreams he will always be Trudie’s hero.      

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A day at the Ekka!

| 19/09/2012

Trudy & Scott have been extremely busy with their wedding preparations. They needed a break so took some time off to go to the Ekka and have the afternoon off.  

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Choosing a Wedding Ring

| 07/09/2012

Last night Trudy & Scott headed down to the local jewellery store to choose their wedding rings… I think Scott just got told the price.

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Meet Trudy & Scott

| 03/09/2012

Many who know me know I am a huge fan of Lego. So on the 50th anniversary of Lego in Australia, let me say how excited we are to be chosen as the photographers for the wedding of Trudy & Scott from Legoland. Yes out of all the talented photographers in Queensland, hipsters Trudy &…Read more

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