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Circle of Life Story – Daniel & Annaliese

| 20/01/2012

The team at Vivid are all back on deck after a wonderful break. During our holidays Cath & I and the monkeys had some awesome pizza in a great little joint in Bellingen, near Coffs Harbour, called Little Red Kitchen. If you are down that way go there… it’s very cool. Whilst chowing down, I noticed this cute couple busily scribbling on the paper tablecloth (endorsed by the owners), and they really seemed to be putting a lot of effort into it. Nicely framed by the window I thought That’s a nice moment, we should capture that for them – it’s what we do – notice moments and capture them.

So we asked them if we could take a snap of them whilst they drew, and they were lovely enough to agree. Then they told us their Circle of Life Story.

You see they were doing exactly the same thing two years ago in this little restaurant, whilst on their honeymoon, and took the drawings home to celebrate and remember that special once in a lifetime event. Now two years later they are creating a new artwork for another reason, in fact for someone else. They now have another once in a lifetime event to celebrate… the oncoming birth of their first baby.

I can imagine they will display this artwork on the wall of their little one’s bedroom, and then one day… years later… they will bring the drawing out and relive that night, that feeling, that excitement, that anticipation. With two kids of our own Cath & know that feeling, and just hours before the birth of Daniel, our first, we made a video describing how we felt and what we were looking forward to. Maybe it was that feeling and excitement we could see in their faces as they drew, which impelled us to capture the special thing we saw happening, without even knowing the story. We wish them both the best, and know their baby will have very loving parents.

undefined The Circle of life.

We really only get one go at it so we have to do the best we can with that chance. Same thing goes for photographers and their work. If we see something special we MUST capture that moment, and do the right thing by the subjects. Make sure they get to enjoy the moment through our images, and at no charge.

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