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Claire & Jarryd

| 24/07/2013

Claire & Jarryd may not know this, but I really like these guys. Cath & I shot their wedding earlier this year and we had a great day. But I really liked these guys when I first met them… I’m just surprised they booked me!!!

Meet Claire & Jarryd; young, uber cool, good looking and very honest, oh and very much in love.

I really got to know what they were like when we took some before wedding portrait shots in the teeming rain, they were not fazed! They just rolled with it and we got some great shots – here is one shot from the shoot:

It’s how they are together.

Claire is a gorgeous person and that is obvious, and she is sooo in love with Jarryd. But Jarryd is a guy you can bet your house on… he will be there for her in 20, 40, 60 years easy. That’s what I like to see… two good people in love with each other.

Here is their wedding day story, and Claire & Jarryd… we are sorry for working you so hard, but marriage is a little tough so think of it as training.


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