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Country Wedding Charm – Belinda & Damian – Ripples On The Creek

| 28/03/2017

It’s the most dreaded thing to happen to a wedding photographer. When the phone rings and on the other end of the ‘line’ there is not one, but two professional photographers asking you to photograph their wedding. AAAaaaarrrrggghhh! What if we stuff it up? Are we good enough? What are they thinking!?!

Damian Caniglia is an accomplished Landscape, Wildlife, and Travel photographer who travels the world taking amazing images (see his work here: http://damiancaniglia.com.au), whilst Belinda Wright owns and runs the very successful BWP Studios. A marriage made in a photo lab? Love at first snap? Double exposure? I’ll f stop now. Lol.

Damian is considerate, kind, with one of the best smiles on the planet… whilst Belinda is a riot, always laughing, and is perfectly placed to put a smile on any subjects face. Unlike Nikon and Canon, they are the perfect couple in every way and complement each other especially when is comes to raising children. Their two boys Josh & Dylan, love photography as you can see in this pre wedding portrait image…


After the shock of being asked obviously Cath & I were very excited to be part of Belinda & Damian’s wedding day, in fact it was an honour. The preparation started at the homestead with the boys who look like trouble but were actually very well behaved…


We then headed to Ripples On The Creek at Grady’s Creek just over the NSW border on the Lions Rd, to photograph the girls through their preparations. This landscape is a personal favourite of mine as I have driven the Lions Road literally hundreds of times travelling between Brisbane and Grafton through a formative stage of my life. I have camped there, I have drawn and painted the landscape whilst in Art College. Here are just a few images of Bel and her crew…


Onwards to the wedding ceremony at this stunning little creekside landing at Grady’s Creek. It was perfect. Family and close friends enjoyed a relaxed, humorous, and intimate joining of lives. It was breathtaking as the bridal party wound their way down to the landing and over to where Damian was patiently standing. It was a gathering of great people there to celebrate this love story of two photographers who found each other.


I’m a complete sucker for landscape and art photography, and so I say somewhat ashamed that my favourite part of the wedding day is the photo shoot, and we were excited to get started. Here are just a few of what Cath & I captured…


As they day neared to an end, we’d had plenty of laughs with the bridal party as can be seen here…


…so we decided to head to the top of the nearby mountain and grab some last shots before the non existent sun finally gave up the ghost. Damian being the photo nut (like me) wanted to get a shot using his beautiful Linhoff large format camera, and also using his beautiful wife. There are also some very cool images we captured at the end of the fun packed reception utilising car headlights and drizzling rain. Belinda and Damian were such good sports standing out there in the rain, but being photographers they knew they would never have heard the end of it had they said no!


Thanks guys for entrusting us with your wedding photography. We hope you enjoyed our company as much as we loved being part of your special day. Now, about that album…

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