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Customs House Brisbane Wedding – Marie & James

| 17/11/2014

If any of you follow our Vivid blogs regularly, you would be aware of the gorgeous Camuglia twins Amanda & Marie. Unknowingly to each other their respective partners proposed virtually on the same day. An incredible story in itself.

With the wedding of Marie & James recently, both wedding day stories have been captured and in the process of being told through stunning images, and memorable albums. You can read about Amanda and Jarryd’s wedding here.

Whilst Amanda & Marie are twins, they are also totally distinct women which is reflected in two beautiful but stylistically different weddings. They both have impeccable taste and both weddings were stylish affairs, however when viewing the images you can see their’s and their partner’s individual tastes showing through.

Here is taste of the wonderful style of Marie & James with more to come…

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