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Father’s Day Winner Announced!

| 14/09/2015

Congratulations to Madonna Bertini, a very deserved winner with a lovely entry which touched our hearts. There were so many great entries this year we decided to award 3 runner up prizes as well. The winner receives a Lifestyle Family Portrait Session with Brisbane Portrait Photographer, Catherine Muldoon, as well as large Fine Art Print, valued at $1370. Congratulations to all the winners! Below are the winning entries, all different but all deserving:

Overall Winner – Madonna Bertini-

How my father made me a better person: My father has made me a better person by teaching me value’s in all fact’s of my life. He has taught me the value of doing an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. He had made me a better person by giving me the gift of my faith in the Catholic Church with all the morals and ethic’s my religion encompass’s. My father has made me a better person by teaching me the gift of being inclusive when it comes to including and helping people from other nationalities and backgrounds of life. My father has made me a better person by helping me to teach my children to have all the same standards morals and honesty I was raised with. I could not image my life without my FATHER in it!

Coco Zhong-

How my father made me a better person: My father told me that the best way to love my children was to openly express my love for my wife. The fruits of these words are sent forth with every unselfish act, kind word, and expression of love that comes from my children.

Kate from Bribie Island-

 How my father made me a better person: He has been there no matter what, supported me through everything I have wanted to do. He has been a best friend to laugh with and a shoulder to cry on. He taught me to treat others how I want to be treated and to always remember everyone else is fighting a battle that we know nothing about so always be kind. He taught me that there are people out there with far less then what we have so appreciate everything. He has taught me to be strong, patient and resilient. He has taught me to work hard and fight for what I want and follow my dreams.  But most of all he has taught me how important it is just to be me.  I honestly couldn’t ask for a better dad, he is amazing and someone I look up to so much!

 Bradley Johnston-

 How my father made me a better person: Dad encourages my sister and I to live our dreams and do whatever makes us happy. His easy going, accepting and supportive attitude has helped us grow, thrive and never be afraid to try. Dad has made me an adventurer, a volunteer and a better man

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