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Grandparent’s Day

| 16/09/2015
Grandparents Day

Not so long ago Cath lost both her Grandma and Grandpop within a short 5 years and she has a lovely story to share about how they met and their amazing relationship. Grandparents Day is coming up on October 25, and we feel with all the work our wonderful grandparent’s do these days helping out with our hectic lives, it’s time to acknowledge their life story. We would love you all to tell us your Grandparent’s love story and if you don’t know it… well go and find out from the horses mouth or their nearest and dearest. We will be awarding the best story with a wonderful Lifestyle Portrait Package which can also be used as a Generational Portrait Session.

Below is the story of Linda & Morris. Two independent and strong personalities who found each other and could not be apart.

My grand-parents both lived in Kuranda N.Q. when they met. My grandma saw a very lonely-looking man sitting in the “ bottom pub “ one night when she walked past with her oldest daughter Eleanor. She made the silly remark that she should take the poor chap home  for a pet as he looked like he needed someone to look after him. The following week Grandma was introduced to that very same man, Morris Huggett, at the local dance and a romance began that lasted 55 years. They were engaged in 1958, but would not be married that year. Grandma moved to Innisfail three years later when Grandpop was transferred to work outside Mackay, and he came home to Innisfail as often as possible, until he started work in the local council road crew in Innisfail in 1964. He worked there for 26 years until he retired and yet he and Grandma were still not married. Grandpop popped the question once again on his retirement, so Grandma finally agreed she was ready to marry him after an extended engagement of 32 years. Grandma had a wicked sense of humour having worked in pubs throughout there life, and her answer when anyone asked why she waited so long to marry Grandpop was: She just wanted to be sure he was the right one! They didn’t want any fuss or party so together they went quietly to Atherton Court House to be married on 8th Feb. 1990, and visited my family that night after dinner to tell us their good news. After 32 years they essentially eloped. They looked after each other very well until Grandma passed away in 2008. Grandpop missed her a lot, talked about her very fondly every time anyone visited him until he died in 2013. That ended a real love story.

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