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Happy New Year! Let’s Celebrate 2013

| 15/01/2014

2014 A new year… a new beginning.

But first let’s celebrate 2013 before it fades into a distant memory like every Facebook post you posted and every Instagram pic you ever took. One very important thing I learned during 2013 was that the older you get, the faster time flies, and the more important things pull into focus. I could say 2013 was a bad year personally. At the start of 2013 my Father was recovering from prostate cancer, and at the very end of the year my mother spent a week in the intensive care unit very ill with Pneumonia.

But I’m going to say it was a great year. My father has recovered exceedingly well, and my mother cheated death by 6 hours and is still with us right as rain. We are very lucky and 2013 was a blessing for our family.

I have to say experiences like this emphasise just how important it is to value every moment we have with our friends and family. It is an honour and a privilege to be entrusted with preserving our valued client’s most treasured memories and irreplaceable moments. Over the next few weeks we will be posting our favourite wedding and portrait images from 2013, starting with our favourite wedding images from late 2012 to late 2013.

The images chosen over the next 5 posts lean towards the more creative captures. There are many images we capture throughout the wedding day which we call essential shots. These are important captures like family photos of every kind, photos with each of the bridesmaids, both bride and groom looking at the camera full length, etc. These images are vital for recording the moment for posterity, but are not overly creative, and thus they have not been included in the best of 2013. Only our most creative images are included which we feel best represents our style of wedding photography.

I have loved going through all these images and we are very proud to have such a strong body of work from just 12 months of wedding photography. I hope you enjoy them as well.

Oh and may 2014 be better than 2013 for all of us just the same.

Best-of-2013-Wedding-01-1 Best-of-2013-Wedding-01-2 Best-of-2013-Wedding-01-3 Best-of-2013-Wedding-01-4

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