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Headshots Portraiture – Brisbane – Two Cents Group

| 29/10/2014

We do all types of portraiture at Vivid. Babies, families, couples and even pets. Many don’t know we also photograph our own brand of corporate headshots.

A short history: After a few commissions from clients I decided there had to be a better way of photographing people for their business portfolios other than a white background. Heading out on location to capture our clients in a more natural environment came with it’s own set of problems. 20 staff members all arriving on location at the right time and the outdoor elements made hard work of what should be a quick and efficient experience.

We decided to make the experience for our clients easy, whilst still producing stunning environmental portraits – and avoid the boring old white.

Here is the result.

Today we photographed the very handsome people at Two Cents. These guys are the brains trust behind our fabulous website, and are the creative marketing geniuses behind some of our marketing and promotional campaigns. I envisaged for them a groovy street styled shoot but know they are crazy mental working hard to create important stuff for important clients, and 9am is not conducive to environmental portraiture.

So we brought the street to Two Cents! Without having to leave the building into the 32 degree heat outside, we had them looking hip in their own custom made set. OK, I know it doesn’t look like much in the lighting setup shot, but when you have one of the best photographer/lighting technicians creating natural looking light at hand… every element is designed to do a very specific and special thing. Professional photographers will check out the setup, those who are not will not care. The results speak for themselves and all the kudos goes to John Nguyen, our turn-to guy for so many things at Vivid it’s crazy… a very talented man indeed!
Headshots Portraits

The ‘background’ has been shot and printed for Two Cents, for their exclusive use as a background. If any staff changes occur, it is theirs for future use which ensures consistency and therefore consumer confidence. Emma captured here has worked with us over the last year. She is excellent to work with and tough when she needs to be. I recommend any business looking to give themselves a kick in the backside to call Two Cents…. and no they are not paying me to say this…

– Rich

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