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How My Father Made Me A Better Person

| 29/07/2015

I could be wrong in assuming sometimes Fathers get overlooked when it comes to the influence they have on their children’s lives. As younger children we most often have close ties to our mothers. It is however after infancy and into our later childhood where fathers make a strong impact I feel. Either through being a strong role model, or perhaps through a sense of humour we all know secretly Dads just do better than Mums.

To say the influence my father has had on me throughout my life is substantial is an understatement. If I was to answer this question I would struggle to crystallise all his positive influence down to one thing… but I’ll try.

How My Father Made Me A Better Person?

My father has taught me the importance of being a good role model for my children. Whilst as kids my brothers and sister were raised a little old school, we also enjoyed a warmth and later on an unrivalled level of support. As a Grandfather we have got to see his very much softer side, and it is both these elements I have adopted in raising our children. Daniel & Freya know the boundaries and we try to keep it black & white, but we also show them all the love they deserve. Most importantly we support them in their independent journey towards becoming who they will be.

I’ve made mistakes. Plenty. Through every stage of my life my father has been there to support me/us. Unconditionally. Without exception.

This is how he has made me a better person. He has always been there for me.

He has made me a better person for my children.

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