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Italy/Sicily/Malta 2012

| 31/07/2013

Last year we traveled to Southern Italy, Sicily and Malta with our well traveled tiny darlings as well as my parents.

Why? Well my parents love travel and they taught me their passion for travel as a very young child. Our children were 5 and 7 on this trip last year and were fantastic travel companions, as were my parents.

But why Southern Italy/Sicily/Malta? Cath & I have spent a lot of time in Italy but the south has been overlooked. Cath’s heritage is Maltese and her father Joe’s cousin and family live in Valletta. We have been before and LOVED IT! Vince and Josephine made us so welcome in 2003, and their son Paul was only 10! Now he is 20! We were desperate to get back there – how time flies!!

These are the experiences in life we treasure… I do anyway.

I cannot convey the experiences, the personal connections, the timeless discoveries from our trip in words. I can however show you a couple of my favorite shots from the trip which capture some great moments.

I am developing a series of images for a limited edition book (check the link here: 28 Days in Southern Italy and Malta for a couple of shots in that series), and whilst the shots here are not necessarily going to be part of that series, they are special favorites of mine. The first image seems to me to be something you could only discover in Italy – especially the south. Cath & I spent quite a while watching this scene before the perfect shot turned up:

This second image I spotted whilst we were driving through the village of Martina Franca.

We parked ‘conveniently’ a mile away and it was suggested we stop for a perfect Italian coffee whilst I sprinted back to photograph this unique scene. The gentlemen in this shot are right in the middle of a hilltop town, with traffic surrounding them and the usual morning chaos we learn to expect in Southern Italy. There was this shed almost cut out of the rock, and at 10am these men gather to play cards – with the rest of the world (including tourists like us) just wandering past and smiling in amazement.

The sticks holding the doors open have almost as much character as these awesome guys…


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