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Jenelle & Andrew

| 01/02/2011

Cath & I have been photographing weddings for just on 20 years. Whoah that is scary! Imagine all those weddings… all that pressure. Yes my hair is grey but the more experienced you get the more relaxed you become. You start to realize you can handle any situation without stress, and enjoy every wedding on a new level.

So many weddings for one reason or another run late, and many photographers panic at the thought of not filling the brief. Fair enough. Jenelle had given me a very strict brief, and there was little room for negotiation which was OK by me. When a client says to me “just capture the day as it happens… no posed shots” I jump for joy on the inside. Whilst we love the photo shoot for the creative outlet, being creative in photo journo mode is also really exciting.

With such a brief and Cath unavailable I had to find a photographer who could understand this brief to shoot with me. As luck had it Jon Jarvela from Tassie (previously Iris Imaging Brisbane), was going to be in town and I signed him up. Talk about casual… talk about relaxed… talk about creative! When things went over time, we split up and had it sorted like a packet of peanuts. As photographers Vivid like to be incognito, well so does Jon. Even I had to look where he was… he was off getting great shots!

Sure it helped Jenelle was stunning and Andrew had a pretty good melon. But I look at these shots and I feel like Jon & I really got this one 100%. Thanks goes to you Jon.

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