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Kim & Matt

| 31/07/2012

After traveling around the romantic cities of Europe, Kim & Matt returned home to Australia, for Matt to propose to Kim on the Manly headland in Sydney. Now I imagine Matt may have copped a bit of flack for his timing, but I think he made the right decision. I mean why propose in Paris atop the Tower Eiffel, when you can propose overlooking the beaches of Manly. OK I might be a little biased as I am an avid Manly rugby league fan, but seriously how much more romantic can you get? Only a counter meal at the Brookvale Tavern would have topped it off! Save it for the anniversary hey Guys?

Kim & Matt live in Sydney so I took the opportunity to head down to:

A. Photograph Kim & Matt for their pre-wedding portrait.

B. See Manly play at Brookvale.

C. Visit the Sydney Biennale Art Show.

Here are some of the shots from their session…


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