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Lessons in Wedding Photography

| 05/11/2011

Leigh and I had a great experience with Kelly & Andrew on their wedding day, so I know they won’t mind me telling you this story. For any photographer’s new to wedding photography, there is no substitute for experience, so assist on as many weddings as you can with experienced photographers. This is why.

Saturday 15th October was one of the wettest days we have had to negotiate in recent times. The ceremony was in the morning but we were very lucky, as the sun came out and gave Kelly and Andrew the beautiful garden ceremony they had hoped for. Running behind schedule though, they were keen to join their guests for the lunchtime reception at Songbirds. We had scheduled a photo shoot after the reception, however a storm had been forecast and I was unsure if the bridal party would want to have photography after the reception.

Lesson 1… make hay while the sun shines. We managed to get 20 minutes and took some lovely images… then the clouds rolled in.

About 3pm it go so dark, we looked at BOM and it was bleak. The storm hit, it was like a waterfall, and then the power went off at the Reception. Kelly was feeling pretty down, and knew the shoot at the lookout was not going to happen. She sent away the car that was to drive them to the shoot and told the bridal party to go home after the reception. Thank God we snaffled that 20 minutes before the reception.

I wasn’t ready to go home, there were still some shots we could do in this weather. We did some cool shots inside, and then decided hell let’s just go out in the rain. When we walked outside we could see it about to break. I looked at Andrew and said this is what I have waited 3 hrs for, and told him to find a car… let’s go now!!! We got up there and it was glorious.

Lesson 2… never give up. Wedding photographers in Qld know better than most that afternoon storms hit fast and hard, but usually clear for the sunset. So we hung around. For hours.

Driving home I said to Leigh, if we hadn’t managed to get those shots I would have not have delivered what I had promised. I know the weather has the last say, but we can do everything in our power to never give up and just shift the goalposts as the game changes.

Lesson 3… always fill the brief. Always give yourself every opportunity to get the what your client has hired you to do. Whatever it takes.




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