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Marriott Brisbane Wedding – Kirra & Brendan – City Style

| 20/05/2015
Brisbane Old Government House B&W

The second wedding we are featuring from two weeks ago is the classical wedding of Kirra & Brendan. Kirra has a bold and bright personality, the type of person I really enjoy being around. Kirra & Brendan’s wedding was always going to be an elegant and stylish affair, as well as fun.

Keeping things uncomplicated though, Kirra & Brendan hosted their wedding ceremony and their reception at the Brisbane Marriott Hotel. Then we were off for a lovely walk through the Brisbane Botanic Gardens and Old Government House. They were treated to a beautiful sunset on the Story Bridge, which will not be possible soon as they are building safety railings along the length of the bridge. We had a great day guys and the bridal party were a lot of fun, keeping Cath & I smiling all day.

– Rich

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