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Melbourne Part 1 – Sophie & Sam

| 31/01/2012

Cath & I believe having your portrait taken by your wedding photographer before the actual wedding day is so valuable. Apart from having a beautiful set of images which capture our clients love and lifestyle, it’s a great way to get to know each other better, and for our clients to get an insight into what it’s like at the pointy end of the camera.

We realised we had a few client’s currently living in Melbourne, and decided to get out of Brisbane for a change of scenery, and capture their Melbourne life experiences.

So on the weekend we headed to Melbourne with three portrait shoots, and loads of ideas. Whilst Sophie & Sam were the last shoot we did, they are the first image we’d like to show you all. An absolutely gorgeous young couple, they were so lovely even though we made them veeery late to their dinner engagement… blame the photographers (and daylight saving)!! Think of St Kilda and this would not be the image you would think of, but it captures them perfectly… the stance, the look, they are so sweet. Well done Cath, great image!


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