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Palazzo Versace Gold Coast Wedding – Maria & Jakub

| 01/10/2014

As a wedding photographer there are certain times our clients look at us and think (or say) “are you serious… you want me to do what?”. It was like that on Saturday with Maria & Jakub.

Maria stunned the guests by walking down the aisle resplendent in her Jordanna Regan wedding dress at the always impressive Our Lady of Victories Bowen Hills. After the wedding ceremony we all walked out of the church to the sun shining brightly over Brisbane City. Unfortunately by the time we travelled to Coomera, on our way to Palazzo Versace at Southport, the weather had turned foul. The rain had set in hard, and Clare & I were worried there would be no photography taken on the beach.

Luck was on our side to some degree. The rain blew through and the sky opened up somewhat and we hit the beach. It was when I explained to Maria & Jakub the importance of nailing the perfect beach shot that they both looked at me wondering if I was serious.

“You honestly think I’m going to walk this masterpiece I’m wearing through wet sand?”

“The image you will have forever, the dress you will never wear again!”

With support from Jakub we managed one run through the wet stuff but it just was not exactly perfect.


“No way!”

“Let me give you some incentive?”

I show her the back of the camera, revealing what we were trying to accomplish:

“OK let’s do another run” she said.

Yes the dress got wet and we had more than a few close calls, but we also got what I think is a stunning image. I have featured the hilarious out-take to prove just how absolutely amazing Maria & Jakub were on their wedding day. They were very generous allowing us free reign to be creative, and in the process Maria, Jakub, and their Bridal Party had an experience I know they will never forget – and have stunning images to remind them just in case.

– Rich

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