Professional photography seems to be a word applied to anyone who knows how to pick up a camera. Well I’m here to dispel that myth. If you are wondering why you should book a professional portrait photographer… read on:

Ask anyone what the most important thing in life is… and the answer will be two things:

Love and Family.

Every time.

How do we show that love, how do we value that love? Many ways, but in any real visible way? Any real tangible way? Photography is a tool so powerful with an ability to reveal to ourselves and others. How we feel, how we live, and how we love. A professional portrait on your wall in your home says:

I love my family
I love my life
I love you

It reinforces to us our love for those closest to us. It shows our children how much we love, value and cherish them in our lives.

But why book a professional photographer?

Insight, perception, awareness, understanding, vision, wisdom, prescience.

Everything invested in this image has little to do with the camera. It has everything to do with the words above. This is one of my favorite family portrait images by Cath. In years to come the McIntosh family will treasure this image, and relive this precious moment in their lives. For now I enjoy it as an artwork, an image which ticks all the boxes, thanks to the experience Cath has as a professional photographer.

What is a professional photographer?

Cath did not just pick up the camera and think I can do this. She invested her life in photography since the age of 16. A 3 year bachelor degree in photography, 25 years shooting professionally, and numerous awards = original and stunning images. She is one of the most experienced photographers in Queensland, and it shows.

As far as I’m concerned, you are not a professional photographer unless you have studied photography for 2-3 years with 2 years in the field, or worked as a full time professional for at least 3-5 years. Once achieved, a photographer will forget the camera and get a glimpse of these words:

Insight, perception, awareness, understanding, vision, wisdom, prescience.

But not truly understand them until they have shot hundreds of portraits, and experienced a good deal of life. Your family photographer should have these qualifications, or you are risking the insight required to create that amazing image which lets you see yourself, your family, and everything you love about your life.

Love & Family.

So pick up the phone and book a professional photographer now. If not us, at least another professional photographer with loads of experience and training, and see how life affirming the experience can be.