Families in the Forest Book Project – Update: July 2018

It has been a busy few months working on our Families in the Forest Book Project to raise money for the wonderful team at HeartKids.

We would like to share the story of the family that inspired us to take on this project and why we chose HeatKids as the charity that we would like to support.

Meet the adorable Langdon Family…..

Here is their story and what HeartKids means to their family.

“On 5 February 2009 we welcomed Oscar Kenneth Langdon into our family.  Just like his older brother Max, Oscar was healthy, happy and chubby – he was everything we could’ve hoped for.

Just 5 months and 23 days later on 28 July 2009 we were at the airport heading to Hawaii for a family holiday – Oscar’s first Hawaii trip.  We were all awake early filled with excitement for the trip ahead.  Oscar fed as normal before we left home and once we arrived and checked in at the airport we waited for our flight.  I noticed his feet and hands seemed a little blue so I called for a Doctor.  The advice was to head to the hospital as his breathing appeared shallow.  Next thing I know Oscar and I are in the back of an ambulance and I’m saying to him “If you didn’t want to go to Hawaii, you just had to tell me little man”.  
We arrived at the Royal Children’s Hospital at 11:10am and it was chaotic.  There must have been 15 people in the room all moving very quickly, lots of machines, lots of noises, lots of talking all while working on Oscar who’d been whipped away from me.
They handed me one of his shoes which I figured I’d put back on him later……later when I told the story “you’ll never guess what happened….but it’s all okay……”.  Unfortunately for us we didn’t get to tell that story.  Not the one with the happy ending.  We lost Oscar at 1:12pm that afternoon from a heart condition.
The devastation and pain of losing a child is indescribable and the pain constantly makes my heart ache.  Some days are certainly tougher than others and the simplest things remind me every day of Oscar.  These memories bring a smile to my face and a tear to my eye; a butterfly flying by, a rainbow, the smell of a McDonalds cheeseburger (that was my thing when I was pregnant with Oscar) or just his brothers, Max and Hugo who continue to speak about Oscar even though Hugo never had the chance to meet Oscar.  Hugo Oscar Langdon was our gift from Oscar, our silver lining.

Since 2009 we have been proud supporters of HeartKids and look forward to continuing our support in the future. “

We would like to Thank Michelle + Chris for sharing their story with us and for the ongoing support they have given to HeartKids over the years.

It was a wonderful afternoon when we met up in the forest for not just the Langdon Family but Michelle’s sister and family and parents all joined us to be part of this amazing extended family portrait shoot.

If you would like your family to be part of this project and help us raise money for HeartKids register here and join us.



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