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2012 Queensland AIPP Professional Photography Awards

| 28/03/2012

Without knowing all the results, we are excited to announce we have won another Gold Award this year at the annual AIPP State Awards. In addition, the boy wizard Tyler Alberti, in his first year entering as a full member of the AIPP, has won a Silver Distinction award with a fabulous B&W wedding image. The beginning of many awards I know for Tyler, and we look forward to him introducing his award winning image very soon on the blog.

My Gold award is one of my favourite images from my recent rip to NYC. We rarely analyse images on this blog but I am going to briefly here because many may wonder why I like it so much.

I love the composition. There is a centre line which splits the image in two equal parts, each with a separate flavour, the background the foreground are one. All distinct and complete with detail.  Every form and shape just fits, perfectly. Some images are special for unknown reasons. Mystery, deception, and a riddle.

I saw this mysteriously dated young man walking around the rooftop garden of this city. He was holding a red book. A diary? A notebook? The imagination runs wild… is he in a Greenaway film, or a Lynch TV series?? The shapes of the buildings, the immense detail, and the colour of the image straight from the camera, just says it all. But Adam Finch of Studio Impressions fame, put it best… he wanted to look at every part of the image and enjoy the look of it… every detail… every story. I agree. I love just looking at this print. I will have an original of this print in the studio very soon, and I invite you all to see a print I love.

Regarding the awards, I’m pleased to congratulate all the winners however I must congratulate a very great photographer, and a completely upstanding citizen in Todd Hunter McGaw, for his Wedding Album of the Year Award. Well done buddy. We must not forget Alyda, his powerhouse of a Mrs, for her Silver Distinction in the wedding category – very hard to obtain! Major congrats also go to Jonas Peterson for Qld Photographer of the Year. Peter Rossi, an inspirational photographic artist, won two categories, one I thought might have been unfamiliar to him… apparently not. Well done Pete, you continue to amaze. Finally, Lesley Downie for the Documentary category, an amazing photographer, and amazing ambassador for photography, and in particular for women working in this industry.

She is an absolute inspiration for Cath & Myself, and we have an immense amount of respect for her. I wonder how I could possibly match her achievements throughout her years. I’ve c0me to the conclusion… I can’t.

But I can learn. That’s what inspiration is I’m sure. Having someone you respect, admire, and aspire to be like creatively. For Cath & I, Leslie is it. Oh and Peter… and Charmaine… and Todd…

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