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Sarah & Gavin – Stunning 3 Volume Album and Stand

| 23/04/2015

Check out the stunning wedding album set which will take pride of place in the home of Sarah & Gavin. When challenged with the idea of creating a new way to display three albums, I sat down and started drawing up some design concepts. I then showed these to our custom bookbinder, Daniel Packer, and he instantly knew what to do. The choice of materials are fabulous, and the way Daniel has integrated my concept of a storage compartment seamlessly into the design, is better than I imagined it to be. The unobtrusive, almost invisible design, showcases the albums prominently and features a heavy duty ‘Lazy Susan’ type device underneath to allow it to turn.

It was a pleasure creating this for you Sarah & Gavin, and we trust you will look forward to treasuring it forever.

– Rich

3Volume03 3Volume04
3Volume06 3Volume07

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