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Sophie + Peter Teaser

| 25/02/2013

On the weekend Cath & I had the very great pleasure of attending Sophie & Peter’s wedding at Songbirds Mt Tamborine. After their amazing portrait shoot at Greenmount on the Gold Coast last year (check it out here), we were expecting a special day.

These guys dig each other soooo much… and it’s infectious. The guests at the wedding just love them so much, you can tell. They are admired as well for their extremely adventurous spirit, currently living in India and having traveled throughout Africa for a year in a Land Rover… or is it Landcruiser???!! a Landy anyway which is code for I want to get there and don’t get in my way!

On Saturday we had the plan to hike down to their favorite waterfall for some photos, but with time running out, we had to make one of those ‘will we or won’t we’ calls. Boy are we glad we went for it, though Cath’s legs are still suffering from the ascent back up. Peter was like a machine, with Sophie close behind in her chocolates gumboots. Next time Peter, can you carry my 15 kgs camera bag?

Here’s a little cinemagraph we made whilst we were down there…

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