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The Look

| 11/06/2013

I love Hero Shots.

You know, the shot from your wedding that you want to hang on your wall which says… holy crap we had an incredible day at the most beautiful place! Cath & I have a great one, standing in a wintery grassy field with Cath’s veil blowing dramatically… thanks Wilko.

There is something else just as powerful though. Something we look for at every wedding.

It’s The Look.

If you don’t know The Look, just have a look at Adam sneaking it from Brooke before she looks up to face him. Brooke’s father has just given her away, she is emotional with the myriad of feelings she has just experienced walking down the red carpet. Not Adam though, he is focused on Brooke.

The first image is The Look, an amazing glance of such intense love and admiration. The second image is the outward joy Adam feels, as Brooke sees Adam properly since being walked down the aisle.

Brooke & Adam will be seeing their wedding images for the first time Thursday night. We are very excited to be sharing many more moments like these with them!

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