Tips for the perfect professional portrait

Llewellyn JuddIf you don’t have a professional headshot, you don’t look professional. Check your profile picture on LinkedIn and your website, what does it say about you? Your profile picture has the power to communicate trustworthiness, professionalism, confidence, wisdom, intelligence, competence, influence and much more. If you want people to take you seriously you need a professional, high quality headshot, and you need it yesterday.

When thinking of having a professional portrait session most people don’t know where to start and we don’t expect them to. Follow these few tips and you will have a killer headshot in no time.

1. Hire a professional- A good photographer knows how to evoke the best expression, pose and look out of you and knows how to emphasise your best features.

2. Be yourself- Don’t go crazy with hair and makeup, you want to look like you. Let your personality shine through.

3. It’s all in the eyes- Imagine you are shaking hands with someone at a networking event instead of thinking about someone viewing your photo. Look through the lens, not at it.

4. Smile- If you were meeting someone for the first time, you wouldn’t frown would you? Your smile conveys trustworthiness, confidence and likability.

5.Clothing- Wear neat, clean, professional clothing. Solid colours are best. Avoid distracting jewellery that takes attention away from the face.

6. Studio or location- Most professional portraits are best photographed in the studio with crisp lighting and a clean background. Some people prefer to have an environmental portrait photographed on location in their workplace to illustrate their profession and tell a bit more of a story.