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US Trip 2012

| 16/03/2012

I recently traveled to the US for the fourth year in a row to attend WPPI. Well what is WPPI?

About 16,000 photographers of all types, abilities, and from all over the world, converge to learn about the craft and business of wedding and portrait photography. The conference was great but this year I was inspired by the photographers I traveled with. We toured some of the US’s awesome national parks like Bryce Canyon, Zion, and Antelope Canyon. A shot of mine from Antelope is pictured here.

Watching the other guys shoot, how they approached the subject matter, and seeing the results, really floored me. If you want to see some of their stunning imagery, I’m sure they will have something online soon if not already. Check them out here:

Ian Wilkinson – http://ianwilkinson.com.au/blog/

Stephen Thomas – http://www.vellumstudios.com.au/blog/

Ben Clark – http://benclarkphotography.com.au/blog/

Andrew Kwintowski – http://www.kwintowski.com/

Me personally, I was searching for something different from my usual subject matter. Not so much the postcard shot, but something that I could really get excited about.

Looking through my images I don’t think I really found it until I got to New York. I found myself stalking the neighborhoods looking for a great stage on which to photograph interesting people as they passed by. It became a game of sorts, like a computer game for photographers, where I would try to have everything in the composition right where it needs to be to make the perfect image and then shoot!

Not 20 shots and pick the best, but one shot, and if I missed it I missed it.

I have been through about 50 of the 2,500 frames I took on the trip, and already I have fallen in love with one image. Unfortunately I might enter it in the awards this week so I can’t show you HOWEVER… this is my next favorite shot.


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