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Victoria Park Wedding – Carla & Patrick

| 15/10/2014

At Vivid Photography we specialise in wedding and portrait photography. Cath, Clare & I have been photographing these unrepeatable milestones of our clients lives for over 20 years and we still feel extremely excited before every wedding and portrait we photograph. Whilst we have recorded the emotion, the drama, and the stories of hundreds of weddings, we feel like each wedding day is unique and every couple have their own special something.

We would absolutely love to blog each and every wedding we photograph but with a busy studio we always run out of time to share. We are already approaching the end of the year and I feel like with so many weddings beautifully captured so far, it’s time to share some of our favourite wedding stories with you all.

Carla & Patrick were married in June at the always glorious St Stephens Cathedral, Brisbane. The ceremony was followed by photography at The Gallery of Modern Art and the bottom of the Queens Street Mall featuring the new Apple Store. The reception was held at Victoria Park in the Marquee which always looks amazing with those grand chandeliers setting room off in style.


– Rich


Carla & Patrick01 Carla & Patrick02 Carla & Patrick03 Carla & Patrick04 Carla & Patrick05 Carla & Patrick06 Carla & Patrick07

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