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Wedding & Portrait Photographer’s International (WPPI) – 2015

| 13/03/2015

I have just returned from my 7th WPPI convention in Las Vegas, and a side trip to New York. The convention was fantastic and again this year I learnt so much about how others work within the photography world, as well as exciting new ways to look after our clients.

It has been interesting over the years to experience the trends and changes within the photographic industry. This year it was very encouraging to see a positive swing towards wedding albums and portrait books and prints. As the digital revolution has settled down, the demand for just digital files has receded and clients have come to realise the enduring and lasting qualities of printed products. Whilst clients rightly desire ownership of the files, they now realise that for their beautiful professionally created images to be appreciated more often and by their friends and family, albums, books, and prints are still the greatest form of visual enjoyment. Supplying digital files that get stored on a hard drive and forgotten is not the way to assist our clients in the enjoyment of their wedding and portrait images. Clients should expect to have ownership of the ‘negatives’ they purchase for future posterity, but the printed image on the wall or in a book, is still the best way to interact with our images. There are some very exciting options in this area also which we will be introducing to our product line soon!

My time in New York was fabulous and whilst the first day there saw temperatures down to -10, the following days grew warmer and warmer. I set myself a task of playing with multiple exposures and it was fun restricting myself to a multiple exposure of just two frames and playing with relationships between the two frames ie light dark for exposure, contrast, graphic elements, symbols, and juxtaposing the human elements. Here are two of my favourites – Rich



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