This is the second part of a series of blogs designed to help wedding couples identify a Professional Wedding Photographer.

Owning a wedding chapel has given us an insight into what photographers are out there photographing weddings, and their levels of professionalism. I have to say it’s not great news. One of the biggest problems is professionalism. Forget about the camera, the photos, the locations… let’s just look at attitude:

Don’t be the worst dressed guest at the wedding!

Attending someone’s wedding in my opinion is a privilege. And they are paying. The least a photographer could do is dress to at least the level of the guests who have taken the time to look their best. Almost weekly we see videographers in shorts, female photographers in thongs or short casual shorts, we see men with their shirts hanging out sweaty and stained. We see caps turned backwards and trainers, as well as revealing clothing when in shooting poses. You don’t need to wear a suit, but definitely smart casual should be the minimum, no matter how hot or cold it is. It’s a sign of respect. Ensure your photographer is professional and ask them how they will be dressed for your special day.

The most professional photographers do their best work without a camera.

An experienced wedding photographer knows their camera backwards, and is 100% confident in their ability to capture the day the way you want it captured. But what makes a great wedding photographer is how they do all that, and make the day flow seamlessly and enjoyably. How we do this has nothing to do with the camera.

Any issues that arise like the make up being late, the bride’s sister is having a moment, the groom’s buttonhole has just come apart, the family photos feature more people than the cast of Ben Hur. We have it covered. We have the experience of 25 years dealing with these issues and can diffuse them all. We know how to politely remind the make up artist they need to stop talking with their hands, we regularly talk people through stressful situations, we know how to fix a buttonhole, and we have a full shot list for family photos prior so we can manage this process easily and with confidence.

Very few wedding photographers working today can, and we know because we see it every other week. Ensure your professional wedding photographer is organised and experienced enough to handle all this and so much more.

Join us again for more tips soon.