This is the first part of a series of blogs designed to help wedding couples identify a Professional Wedding Photographer.

Every photographer it seems these days claims to be ‘professional’. But what does it mean to be a professional wedding photographer? How do you differentiate as the wedding couple, and what difference does it make to your wedding images? We have been professional wedding photographers for 25 years, but we also now run a wedding chapel. What this means is we get to see wedding photographers at work, and get to assess their ability. That along with over 800 weddings each under our belt, here is what we have learnt.

“I don’t take posed photos” means they are only doing half the job

If they say things like “I don’t take the boring posed shots” or “I just concentrate on candid and emotive moments”… alarm bells should be ringing. Professional wedding photographers for 25 years have been capturing all the emotive moments AND ensuring people are posed to look their best. Candid moments are wonderful, but pro wedding photographers have always captured these. Posed set shots are much harder to do and are just as important, and without well constructed and arranged family photos or grand set posed images featuring great architecture or incredible scenery, you really are just left with snapshots from your wedding day. If they say they don’t do posed shots or that they do things a little differently, it just means they actually don’t have the skill set to ensure you look your absolute best with respect to posing, lighting, exposure, and communication.

Will I love my wedding images in 20 years?

Trends come and go. Have you noticed how images today by most photographers are desaturated, muted, and dull? The colour images have a wash over them and are rarely natural. The black & white images are grey, the faces dark and unflattering? They may look ok now, but when the trend dies and it will, will you love your images then? If all your wedding images look like this, how will you feel in 20 years when you look back? It’s fine to apply effects on a few images as art pieces to display, but remembering your entire day in this way is not true to how it actually looked. Memories should be as they were seen, and true to the moment, so beware of over-using effects on everything, in many cases it’s actually just covering up poor lighting and exposure anyway.

All the images below are posed, but posed in a certain way to ensure the integrity and spirit of the moment is preserved. This only comes with experience.

Join us again for more tips soon.